Guidance on ATEM Adhesive·Coating·Material Consulting 2022

ATEM Adhesive·Coating Consulting will be held in KINTEX ATEM FAIR Exhibition Hall.
This year, Paid-Consulting will be prepared for in-depth Adhesive·Coating Consulting.
Consulting Program is available free of charge, and Paid-Consulting is also available if necessary.
Thank you for your interest.

Hosted by All of adhesive : Cafe-ATEM, ATEM FAIR Exhibition Seceretariat
Organized by All of adhesive : Cafe-ATEM
Date July. 6th ~ 8th. 2022. (for three days)
Contents Counseling for product development such as adhesive, coating, material, fiber, nano, etc.
TEL 82) 032-675-5656